july 2013

TE37 tokyo TE TD 129 R15 Only Tangkap_2013071113_14-43 Tangkap_2013070520_23-02 TE37SL R18 bronze Toyota gt86 jf701 r18 + acc Vellfire + ADV.1 10TF 20inch staggered Tangkap_2013062921_51-35 Tangkap_2013061214_41-38 Tangkap_2013060719_07-40 Tangkap_2013042917_43-45 Tangkap_2013032516_38-48 Street Race (bekasi)ss Street Race (bekasi)s Tangkap_2013040220_49-07 Tangkap_2013041513_33-13 Sirion,M7 R16+DRB Serena 17+toyo Sa 50m R16+toyo RaysF1 R17 rega master Rotass rayF1 Ranegade 17 plus acc JAZZ RS te37 17+acc JAzz RS mugen Jazz Rpf1 Jazz RPF-1 r16 velg only Jazz NT-03 r17 velg only JAZz mugen IMG-20130718-01256 IMG-20130716-01230 Jaguar S-Type + ADV.1 10TF 20inch staggered Jazz flavio r18 + acc IMG-20130718-01251 IMG-20130716-01228 IMG-20130714-01198 IMG-20130714-01197 IMG-20130711-01124 IMG-20130711-01121 IMG-20130712-01135 IMG-20130714-01194 IMG-20130714-01188 IMG-20130714-01182 IMG-20130710-01106 IMG-20130710-01103 IMG-20130709-01080 IMG-20130708-01064 IMG-20130707-01034 IMG-20130707-01039 IMG-20130706-01015 IMG-20130704-00959 IMG-20130630-00898 IMG-20130630-00906 IMG-20130701-00922 IMG-20130630-00891 IMG-20130629-00880 IMG-20130609-00584 IMG-20130723-01334.jpg IMG-20130724-01343.jpg IMG-20130724-01350.jpg IMG-20130724-01368.jpgIMG-20130629-00869 IMG-20130624-00786 IMG-20130624-00784 IMG-20130623-00771 IMG-20130620-00737 IMG-20130619-00727 IMG-20130614-00926 IMG-20130608-00579 IMG-20130607-00569 IMG-20130501-00043 IMG-20130512-00191 IMG-20130515-00259 IMG-20130424-00227 IMG_20130712_00135327 IMG00524-20120819-1708 Freed + CV6   17inch staggered Getz spoon r15 gnosis R17 finish-08


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